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Regarding The Wake.

Okay, so I need help deciding who to app, because yeah. I'm super indecisive. I've managed to narrow things down a little, but beyond that? No luck.

So I decided to let popular opinion and peer pressure influence my decision! \o/

Sentinel Prime: So, for those Wakers who don't know TFA, Sentinel Prime is the biggest jerk ever. :D He's second in command in the Elite Guard (don't ask me why), and tends to just look out for number one. When he's in a position even resembling power, he tends to lord it over others, bark orders, and generally make an ass of himself. That said, deep down (and I mean way deep), he really does want what's best for Cybertron. And I like the guy for some reason. XD  

from the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. Right off the bat, I'll tell you guys that he's from a Christian canon. But that said, the guy is a demon of the grotesque soul-eating variety. He's got a very successful temptership record, and is now the Undersecretary of his department. He'd go around the city trying to persuade people down the very wrong path, because he is very, very hungry. Oh, and as a bonus to the whole corrupting people thing? He can take the guise of an angel pretty easily. >]

Nero Dax:
is an OC of mine. She's from a sci-fi setting where humans are generally kept as pets and are just starting to get some respect as a species. She owns and runs a quasi-legal fighting coliseum. She's tough, crude, and generally a hardass bitch because that's her audiences want to see. Off stage, she's still pretty crude and rough around the edges, but friendlier overall. She is currently trying her damnedest to not have an opinion in politics and failing at it.

Red Hood:
from Batman: Brave and the Bold. He's a heroic version of the Joker who, while occasionally on the edge, hasn't snapped yet. He is (or was, depending on when I take him from) the last hero left free in a world run by the Injustice Syndicate (Owlman (evil Batman) and his buddies). He's clever, classy, and would completely screw with the heads of anyone from the DC Universe.

Mr. Immortal: from Marvel Comics. Leader of the Great Lakes Initiative (they’ve had a lot of names), his only superpower is that he’s immortal: he’ll always, and I mean always, come back from the dead. Not as useful as you might think, and definitely a case of Blessed With Suck. And to make matters worse? He’s suicidal. I’d be playing him from somewhere in the GLA (they were the Great Lakes Avengers then) mini series.

Detective Ash:
from the Animatrix short, Detective Story. He’s a Private Detective who grew up on too many film noir PI stories and fell in the love with them. The reality is very different, and so he’s a little bit cynical about it. He’s stubborn and a realist, but part of him still longs for that fantasy life he used to dream of as a kid.

X9: from Samurai Jack. X9 is an old robot with an experimental emotion chip. He used to be an assassin, but grew to hate his job and eventually retired with his pug Lulu. Then Aku kidnapped the dog, and forced X9 to fight Jack. Yeah, you can guess who won that one. X9 is, like Ash, from a sort of noir inspired setting, and monologues a lot in that poetic sort of way. ^^

Phineas Flynn:
from Phineas and Ferb. Kid who likes building crazy shit. He’s just so excited and easy going about everything, and I think he’d be tons of fun in a setting like Nautilus.

Mary Zero: from Marvel Comics, specifically the Agent X mini series. She's a mutant whose power is that she can create a sort of selective amnesia in people. It makes her invisible to most people: either they don't see her, or they forget her in seconds. She's a teenage girl, so of course she craves attention and clings to the first person who can see her. Thus, she ends up working for a mercenary group. She's spunky and fun, and very much likes boys.



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